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Divorce Resources

Divorce is one life’s most emotionally challenging events. Decisions that are made can affect you for a lifetime. Hiring a CDFA™, can help you understand and navigate the financial and tax decisions that need to be made during the divorce and provide peace of mind. We function as a financial resource, to help see what your financial future will look like post-divorce, not simply for the next year, but throughout your lifetime. You will feel empowered to move forward, fully understanding your financial future and the reality of decisions made. We will create solutions that fit your circumstance to achieve your life goals.

We look at the division of all assets, health care coverage in the future, employer and executive benefits, insurance coverage, debt, and future long-term obligations as well as any tax consequences to help you achieve an equitable settlement. We will work as a team with your Family Law Attorney and other professionals to assist you in making decisions and evaluate options for your future using Family Law Software to show you what the outcome will look like. Some issues that arise include: should you keep the marital home, if not, what can you afford, which assets make sense to keep, how much insurance will you need and what your cash flow will look like. We will help you get your financial goals back on track so that you can educate your children, retire, and pass your assets on to your family.

A CDFA™, helps you navigate the divorce process. We work as either an advocate for one side if there is a knowledge or power imbalance, or as a neutral, providing clarity on the issues and helping to collaborate to resolve them so that the individuals can move forward with their lives in full understanding of their financial situation. We work with you and your attorney to resolve matters at your pace, and more efficiently.

Top 5 reasons for Hiring a CDFA™ :

1. VALUABLE RESOURCE: A CDFA™ functions as a resource to help you achieve an equitable financial outcome that allows you to move forward. This process will empower you to make educated choices necessary for your future. We will show the tax and financial implications of decisions that you will be making and work with your Family Law Attorney or Mediator and other professionals.

2. CLARIFY IMPLICATIONS OF DECISIONS MADE: You will have a clearer picture of your financial future. This is one of the major challenges with completing the process; the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the outcome. We will provide a cash flow analysis which will show your financial life going forward. This often can save time and money. The financial world is more complex than ever, and we help to put all the pieces together into a financial planning process that makes the choices more obvious and gives peace of mind.

3. LONG-TERM PLANNING: The divorce financial planning process helps to show your financial future both in the here and now, as well as long term decisions which allow you to move on. We will develop solutions and strategies for success all the way through retirement to make sure your money lasts.

4. AVOID FINANCIAL STRUGGLES: We help with both the marital lifestyle and post-divorce expenses; adding new ones that might occur such as health insurance, childcare, business-related, life insurance etc., and shedding expenses that will no longer be pertinent. Since inflation is always a concern, we will build in cost of living increases to make sure that income will meet expenses going forward.

5. CONFIDENCE: Most individuals going through divorce face anxiety and doubt about their financial picture and want to be assured that they will be OK. The financial planning reports will clearly show what the impact of decisions made during the process will be, so that you will be able to make choices that are sustainable and allow you to enjoy your new life. There is enough emotional upset during the process and making decisions at this time is challenging. A CDFATM will help give guidance on everything from the assets and liabilities, budget, taxes, as well as enable you to meet your obligations going forward.

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